Friday, 23 February 2007

Nice Opera 2

This shows some of the detail of the facade of the Opera House. It's very ornate with a liberal use of gilt. I've searched but I can't find any information on the bust. At a distance I'd assumed it was a Muse but I'm assuming that it was either a choreographer associated with the Opera or composer or maybe a local bigwig.
There is a full programme of musical events all year round. At the moment a production of Sans Famille is running and in March there is a "Hommage to Stephane Grapelli" which I might go to if there are tickets and in June there is a ballet, "Zorba Le Grec"


Jilly said...

Oh just beautiful, Angela. I love the colour of the door with the colour of the colums and all set off with the gilt. Very jolie!


Dave said...

Anything old an ornate with gilt is alright in my book!!! Nice photo.

Oya said...

Beatiful doors. That building is a "must see".

Susan said...

Beautiful photos on bloth your blogs.

max_hh said...

That's a beautiful building (and photo). You come, one would only expect something like this in France?

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