Sunday, 11 March 2007

Red Hot Poker Lookalikes

Catching sight of these in a display in a car park took me right back to childhood and our garden where we had a bed of Red Hot Pokers. Not the same thing, of course, as these seem to be some sort of desert plant, an aloe perhaps or agave but I like their boldness and prickliness. I guess if you planted these along your boundary they'd discourage burglars!

You'd think, given the climate, that the South of France would be a healthy area to be..not so. There are so many varieties of plants here that allergies abound. The pine is especially bad. That's a long way of saying that I'm having to put this blog on hold for the moment. Because of my allergies merely being outside is tough on my chest and I've run out of photos. I'll be back in a week or so once the treatment's kicked in but I will, of course, be round to see you all. In fact, not posting will give me more time to visit.


Anonymous said...

Sorry ti hear about that.
Is this time of year worst?
Hopefully treatments will be effective !
Take care!

isabella said...

Sorry, Angela (I have asthma, so I can sympathize). How long does this allergy season last? Hope you'll be better in no time!
Will miss your photos, but do come for a visit ;-)

Dsole said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Angela!
I'll look forwad to see how you're going... Spring is so lovely but sometimes it husrts too :(
Take care and get better!

Jilly said...

Super photo, Angela. I've several varieties of these in my garden. It's called 'gardening made easy.'

This area is notoriously bad for allergies - many plants and trees, starting with mimosa and of course our humid climate - not good for dodgy chests.

Get well soon and I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in Nice for lunch towards the end of the month. Whoopeee!

Jilly x

Curly said...


why not try some interesting macro close ups while you are stuck in the house?

Nice picture of the look-a-likes!

isabella said...

I miss your posts and your humour! If you have the time and desire to post, why not give us some photos of your home, the meals you cook, your animals, the view from your windows, etc. Other DP members do that when they are homebound.
But if you need a clean break from us, I'll understand ;-)