Monday, 16 April 2007

Almost Nice: Grasse 4

Well, Las Vegas this isn't...we're still in Grasse on the main street and in front of the Casino.
I've never dared to enter but friends do go for dinner and a turn at the tables occasionally. They're more restrained than I am: I'd probably blow the budget for the month.

Should you be tempted by a visit to Grasse here's a recommendation:

Hôtel-Résidence des Parfums
Bd Eugène Charabot
04 92 42 35 35

... it offers a one-hour 'introduction to perfumes', lending you a nose to help create your own perfume. Ask also about their perfume packages that include factory visits.
PS I'm not getting paid for the recommendation!


Jilly said...

It always surprises me that there are casinos in places other than say Cannes or Monaco. There's one in Menton too. Like you, I've never been inside!

Your introductory guide to perfumes sounds just fascinating.

Jilly x

Anonymous said...

A fascinating photograph. I never gamble with money. Have gambled with my life severl times. I am still here so those times I did win.

Abraham Lincoln

Olivier said...

belle photo de ce casino. il fait tres bucolique. tu es joueuse ?

magiceye said...

casinos can get addictive..!!!

isabella said...

Very low key, as far as casinos go...I used to visit Vegas when we lived in LA, but the fun wears out very quickly for me ;-)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

When I lived in Louisiana, there was a casino on the Mississippi River about an hour away. I would only play the 5 cent slot machines. I get change for $20 and play until I've lost all the money. Then it's off to the buffet.

Kate said...

I'd prefer perfume to gambling and losing money; I have no illusions about casinos!

Glenn Standish said...

Nothing like a turn on the roulette table. Though of course you have to be careful. A nice looking casino you have there! Many thanks for visiting us over at Toruń DP!

Bela said...

Thanks for posting that info, A! I was paid (not by them, though) for finding it out. LOL!