Wednesday, 30 July 2008

One Sunny Saturday: Golden Shadow

It was far too nice an afternoon to spend shopping so we headed up to the Chateau which isn't a chateau at all but a lovely wooded park that overlooks the city on one side and the port on another. In times gone by, given its position, by the hill was fortified against a variety of enemies but now all is peace.
I took the photo of the M/Y Silver from this vantage point and it was only when I had a good look at my photos that I saw this one, Golden Shadow. Now, to you or me this might look like a fairly substantial boat in its own right but from the literature she is a "shadow" boat supplying fuel, food and toys to the real yacht, Golden Odyssey. In fact you can also charter the Golden Eye seaplane to complete the trilogy....I wondered if that was the Golden Odyssey hiding behind the Shadow, in fact..
Where would you sail away to given the opportunity?


Virginia said...

To Nice of course!

Kate said...

I'd sail the 7 seas!!

Dusty Lens said...

Fantastic viewpoint! I do enjoy this photo tremendously. Where woudl I sail? I have always wanted to sail from Monte Carlo to Marseilles, Nice, Genova, past the Cinque Terra and on down to Sorrento. Then return in reverse order.

Jilly said...

I love this port. Nice shot. Is there a lift up to the Chateau or is it steps? I've never done it but must one day. The view is obviously stupendous.