Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Love Story

A little while ago I was contacted by Steve, an Australian who had lived in Nice. He'd seen my photos of the Promenade des Anglais and sent me a note saying that he'd met the Love of His Life while sitting on one of the white benches. They'd moved away to Ireland but the photo had stirred fond memories for them. He said they'd left a sign on the bench and why didn't I go have a look. So being a sucker for a love story I did just that....I searched high and low and, really, there are a few of those benches usually with people sitting on them but couldn't find the sign so eventually I gave up.
Then I received another email from Steve. They were back in Nice and the original sign had been removed but they'd had a second one made to commemorate their first meeting and had superglued it in place and that if I saw them I should stop and say g'day. Sadly they weren't there but I'll try to catch up with them next time.


magiceye said...

romance rules!

Jilly said...

What a great story - hope the sign stays this time but sadly I doubt it will.

Olivier said...

un homme et une femme, une belle histoire d'amour

"Comme nos voix
Nos cœurs y voient
Encore une fois
Comme une chance
Comme un espoir.

Comme nos voix
Nos cœurs en joie
On fait le choix
D'une romance
Qui passait là.

Chance qui passait là
Chance pour toi et moi ba da ba da da da da da da
Toi et moi ba da ba da da da da da da
Toi et Toi et moi."
Francis Lai et Nicole Croisille

Kate said...

What fun! When romance is in the air, everything else pales. Great story; isn't the internet wonderful?!!

Walker said...

That is so lovely of you guys. Merry Christmas.

Virginia said...

Damn, I want to read Olivier's poem and can't. I am sitting here sniffling. Oh how sweet the story is. Maybe if I keep going to France the same will happen pour moi, oui????? Snifff....

Tash said...

Translation of Olivier's poem by Babel-fish
- a man and a woman, a beautiful story of love

“Like our voices
Our hearts see there
Once again
Like a chance
Like a hope.

Like our voices
Our hearts in joy
The choice is made
Of a lovesong
Who passed there.

Chance which passed there
Chance for you and me Ba da Ba da da da da da da
You and me Ba da Ba da da da da da da
You and You and me.

Chance meetings and true love - one of the great wonders of the world! Delightful post, Angela.

angela said...

Just a quick PS. The photo is one Steve sent of himself and Suzanne sitting on the bench..
The song is lovely. Merci mille fois, Olivier and a thank you to Tash for the translation. I'm embarrassed to say I never thought of Babel fish.
Virginia: true love can strike any time anywhere just be ready..

PJ said...

What a wonderful love story and how sweet of you to help them commemorate it.