Sunday, 25 January 2009

Avenue of Palms

We're moving west along the Riviera today and have ended up in Cannes which was so lovely this morning I felt I'd like to share. This is in the Palm Beach area at the end of the Croisette; it's a splendid walk along the sea..

On Friday Olivier tagged me to reveal 5 secrets about myself so without further ado here we go:

1. My mother, sister, brothers and I live in 5 different countries on 3 continents which is tough on mum.
2. I go for a walk on 6 days a week usually with my dogs.
3. I have thick, frizzy hair which I've spent lots of money trying to straighten but now I have learned to live with it as it is.
4. I love salads but if you offer me a choice between anything at all with sugar in it and the most magnificent salad I will always choose the sugar..
5. I hate flying. Every trip is an agony of terror and/or sedation..

So now comes the tricky part. Who would like to play? I'll nominate:
1. Catherine in Paris
2. Hilda in Manila
3. Bibi in Belgrade
4. Jilly in Monaco/Monte Carlo
5. Walker in San Diego


Jilly said...

Gorgeous shot, Angela. Love the shadows across those magnificent palms. The benches really show us how tall they are.
Thanks for the tag. I do hope you don't mind but I'm not too good at this sort of thing so will give it a miss, but do want to thank you for the compliment of thinking of me.

Bibi said...

Hi, Angela. I'm not good at this either, but Therese in Chandler had also tagged me, and I'm late...My birthday is on Feb. 2, so I'll reveal to you both six random facts about me on that day...

roentarre said...

Great images and you got good eyes!

marie-louise said...

Lovely photo, I love palms and have quite a few in my garden, but these are magnificent and must be very old.

Hilda said...

Those are huge palms! We've lots of coconut trees all over the metro but none get this thick.

And eek! on the tag. Heehee, I'll think about it. We've similar situations with 1, 3 and 4! ;D

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Very nice. Nice is really nice.

Catherine said...

A wonderful subject you offer us today. What a pleasant "gate" to separate the sidewalk form the road.
I don't know if I should thank Olivier, you, or both of you for the tag. I'll do this funny stuff on wednesday. Smile.

Tash said...

Another NICE street/walk in Nice. (sorry, I just love that pun)
Fun to learn more about you. I'm opposite on number 3 & about 20 yrs ago I finally gave up on perms and am resigned to FLAT hair.
Number 1 must be tough cuz of nuber 5. But how cool to cover 3 continents!

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Espresso said...

Lovely place.
Great photo.