Monday, 29 January 2007

Another Statue from the Negresco.

I couldn't resist showing you this one which also on show in the Negresco. If I ever won the lottery I might have to make the Foundation an offer for it. I love the flowing lines and though it was made/sculpted in 2005 it has a distinct Art Deco feel about it.
It was cast in bronze and is by Jean-Pierre Baldini who has his atelier in Arles.
For a better look click to enlarge.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Angela, you are right! The large photo definitely has beautiful details that are not apparent in the smaller photo. That is a beautiful sculpture!!

Nathalie said...

Very art deco, and I enjoyed viewing the enlarged photo to! Hadnt noticed the crystal glass before... But I would have liked the statue's head against one of the white columns, not in between them, for better viewing.

angela said...

I agree the composition is pretty dreadful. In my defence I was trying to take the photo while a gang of workers were installing tables for a conference.
However I loved the statue and wanted the photo at any cost.
Having seen it on screen though I'm intending to pop in and retake it.

Annie said...

Lovely, lovely.