Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Local Creche

I was waiting in the car for a friend and idly gazing round, like you do, when I noticed the completion date: 1998. As there's a building similar to this on the next plot I can only hope they built in the right place.
There are all sorts of great things about France like food and wine, the health service and the creche/halte garderie system is superb and enables parents to return to work knowing there's good affordable day care available.


Dsole said...

So they put the post in another place?
Because there's no building there... cool :)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Crehe/halte garderie is child/day care??

angela said...

Yes, they're both daycare. A creche will take babies and children full time up to school age at 3. A Halte Garderie, also for babies and small children, enables parents to leave children for, say, a morning or afternoon a week but places are fought over.
They are usually wonderful places and enable mothers (usually) to return to work. Prices are fixed by income in the government creches.
Children whose parents are unable to collect them after school at 4.30 also go to the Garderie.