Sunday, 11 February 2007

Preparations For Carnival.

Carnival starts on the 16th February and finishes on the 4th March and preparations have been underway to decorate the city. These strange characters appeared overnight on the Cours Saleya.
The theme this year is "King of the Grand Free For All" which doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. It's a reference to the Rugby World Cup which will take place this year in France and, of course, the free-for-all of the French elections.
The spirit of Carnival is already permeating the streets; this waiter dashed over to pose for me...
Expect to hear more about Carnival.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Love the first photo of the waiter running out of the restaurant to pose for you. Maybe he thinks you're cute. :-)

Dave said...

I really like the second photo-I love how the character is looking away and thinking would you get off my shoulder!!!

angela said...

You both made me smile!
Ming: Cute? Maybe but probably less so with husband and son in tow! But, yes, i enjoyed the moment..
Dave: I hadn't noticed that but you're right that's exactly Papier Mache Guy's expression..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes two pics are better than one!

Jilly said...


Thankyou for comments on my new blog:

Angela - you were my inspiration. When I saw what you are doing with Nice, I knew I had to take photos of Menton - and I thank you so much for the encouragement.

We live relatively near each other, perhaps one mad day we'll actually meet!

love Jilly xxx