Sunday, 4 February 2007

The River Var

I took this on a fairly overcast day in the middle of the afternoon. Though it wasn't particularly dark I like the way the light makes the river moody and menacing. It wasn't intentional at all but I think it fits the character of the river.
The River Var forms the western boundary of the County of Nice and in times gone by divided Italian Nice from France which is why most of the bridges are fairly modern.
The Var is given to flooding and during the last floods washed away the road to the airport, flooded the airport itself thus closing it to all traffic. I was leaving a nearby shopping centre on a road slightly higher than the river and I was astounded and frightened by the power of the waters surging just beneath me.


tut-tut said...

It is a brooding photograph; very well done.

Dsole said...

It's seems a huge river!
Beautiful photo! i love the sun in the water, and the little waves.. :)

Robert said...

Very nice! I love water photographs with light reflection and this one is super.