Monday, 5 February 2007

View From The Airport

This is what you see when you come out of the airport: the palm trees, Phoenix Canariensis which can grow up to 60 foot tall and the business park, Les Arenas, opposite.
The further part of the car park nearest to the airport is often used for exhibitions of new cars; this time Volkswagen, I can see. Good job there's plenty of parking elsewhere.
I don't usually appreciate the style of buildings like those opposite; they could be any building, any city but the 3D piece on the right hand one, the Novotel, saves it from mediocrity.
And the best thing of all is the feeling of coming home when I come through those doors.


Felicia said...

It is nice to be home - did you travel somewhere over the weekend? That is a good idea to exhibit cars because there are always lots of people at the airport.

Dsole said...

yeap, that's cool to be back at home... well... but sometimes it means that holiday time is over...although no matter what you came from, you always have this calm feeling of being home again, I agree. That 3D feature is great!

Dave said...

To be in a place with Palm Trees, and in France better yet. I went out to my car today and it was 12 f degrees which is very cold for the Washington D.C.--Northern Virginia area, I need some warmth!!!