Sunday, 1 April 2007

Almost Nice: St Laurent du Var 1

I'm moving closer to Nice being just a kilometre from the River Var, the boundary and the airport. This walkway runs along the sea front from Cap 3000, one of our few shopping malls, to the port of Saint Laurent Du Var. For at least half of its length it's packed with restaurants, with fish and sea foods being the most popular.
I love coming down here to eat at lunch time. Most of the restaurants have open air seating, the sun usually shines and there's no traffic except for jets landing at Nice airport; it does seem you can't have everything.
I notice that my photos don't always come out as sharp as I'd like. I've sharpened this with Picasa and it looked a lot better before I uploaded it. Can anyone tell me how I could have improved it? No, not a competition..just looking for some advice.


julia said...

Looks good but I have also wondered about quality, whether a slightly better camera makes much difference on the internet or not (while a really good camera must be ahead). (Bet there's a mail box there somewhere too)

isabella said...

Can't offer much advice, my photos are not the best quality. I think it's my old 2.2MP camera...Your photo looks sharp on enlargement.

I guess seafood would be our choice there ;-)

Jilly said...

How pretty this area is. I come to Cap 3000 from time to time - brave the crowds and get my car bashed (yes last time it lost lights at the back in the parking area). Never knew the area nearby was so nice. Will look more closely another time. Thanks for this posting, Angela.

I like the photograph and the way the shadoes call from the palms.

J x

tut-tut said...

I like your photos, Angela!

But I have similar concerns. I know Photoshop software is supposed to give lots of ways to manipulate and jazz things up. It is expensive and complicated, I've heard. You can take a course in it at the local college here!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Angela, I don't usually edit photos except maybe to enhance the colors.

Here are some tips on how I shoot my photos:

1. When shooting in lots of sunlight like in this picture, I set my (simple point & shoot) digital camera to "sport mode" (ie. fast shuttle speed). They come up less blurry.

2. Take multiple photos of the same scene from different angles. If one or two came out blurry, you have extra photos to choose from.

Good luck. I wish I can have lunch with you in Nice.

M.Benaut said...

Ming is quite right. Multiple shots are good and you can select the best one.
I do NOT upload to Picassa, I post photos directly from my iPhoto album to Blogger. That way, that's one trip up to the sky, I have eliminated. When they download from Picassa (or whatever), they loose a bit, I reckon. Ming, I will try the faster shutter speed also, thanks. Also, Isabella's shots are sharp, even with 2.2 MP.
We all need to click and enlarge too, when viewing, and so far your's are super.