Friday, 11 July 2008

At Last....The Tramway

It's official; I'm head over heels in love with the tramway. Every city should have one. If you visited Nice pre-tramway come back won't believe the difference that getting rid of all that traffic has made to the city.
The first line opened last November after what seemed like an eternity of accusations of corruption, incompetence and overspending. Shopkeepers were claiming their livelihood was at risk and it was impossible to find a way through the interminable roadworks. Trust me, it was worth every bit of it.
I've a camera full of photos of it: you are going to be sooooo bored with hearing about how great it is!


Ineke said...

i have lived in Villeneuve Loubet for a while (about 15 yrs ago) but have never seen trams in Nice. You are right. I should get back.

Jilly said...

Fabulous, Angela! I can't wait to get into Nice to see the tramway. Everyone just loves it, I know. Some of those crooks have ended up in prison. I read in Nice-Matin one got four years the other day...

I saw it when it was being built and well remember the utter chaos. Now doesn't it look fab. I gather they will extend it so it runs along the Promenade des Anglais. That'll be good.

ALAIN said...

Alors à Nice, il y a des tramways nommés "Pont Mich" et d'autres "Las Planas", c'est moins poétique que celui de la Nouvelle Orléans qui s'appelait "Désire".
Il ne faut pas se moquer : à Toulouse, il y avait un quartier qui s'appelait "Trois cocus" et les bus qui y menaient affichaient sans rougir cette destination !

tut-tut said...

Is it free??

Virginia said...

In my city and county, there is corruption, incompetence and overspending, but unfortunately, no good end result like you tramway. Looks like a great idea.

M.Benaut said...

You can be truly sure that I won't become (sooooo)! bored with either your tram photos or any of your lovely shots of Nice.
We have had a similar tram installation experience here in Adelaide. However your Citadis trams are very elegant and Place Massena looks magnificent without motor traffic. I'm sorry that I did not see it before now.
Seems that in the last few days, your photos have taken on a new level of clarity and greater definition. They really sparkle.
I have guessed why; so congratulations; an excellent move.
Jilly, in Menton will understand this comment also !!

Thanks for coming down to wintry Adelaide today, however some wintry Adelaideians will be in Nice, en Septembre.

À bientôt !

babooshka said...

W came to Nce pre Tram days as it was being built. It was horrendous traffic wise, but the only fault with the place. I will not be bored at all by your images and thoughts on the tram or in fact anyhting you have to say about Nice. I am besotted with the place.

dr. adder said...

Looks great, can't wait to see it - having experienced so much disruption as they dug up roads to lay the new tracks.